ReSkilled Life

Edmonton, Alberta

Guided Tours|Guided Operator

ReSkilled Life is an online and in person training provider in Alberta’s boreal forest, one hour North of Edmonton. Located on 25 acres of wild paradise, the school is dedicated to preserving and sharing traditional skills so that students can reconnect with their roots and get to know the lives of their ancestors in the modern-day. This 100% Indigenous run traditional skills school offers their guided tours and their traditional skills classes are shared onsite near Perryvale and in the City of Edmonton. Join them to learn how to forage for edible and medicinal plants, traditionally brain tan a hide, make moccasins, or create beautiful Metis style beadwork in their Indigenous Arts Classes. Reconnect with the past through their classes in soap making, cheese making, canning and herbal medicine making with their Heritage Skills Classes. Offering both online and in-person classes means there is something for every lifestyle in their wonderful list of programs.

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