Tsuu T’ina Culture Museum

Calgary, Alberta

Attraction|Museum & Historic Site

In 1977, the Canadian government mandated Indigenous culture be revived. Tsuut’ina Elders dream came to life in1983 when the first original Tsuut’ina Culture/Museum doors opened to the public. Come enjoy the new museum building located on the beautiful Tsuut’ina Nation, where you will be able to learn about the rich cultural history of Tsuut’ina. You can admire the exquisite mountain view and scenery while observing Chief Bullhead’s homestead, located beside the museum. The museum aims to help connect Indigenous youth to their heritage while also introducing the public to Tsuut’ina’s storied past. Book an intimate tour or observe on your own, the friendly staff will be glad to help you with any questions. Don’t forget to check out the Museum Gift Shop where you can find authentically handmade Indigenous goods such as clothing, jewelry, and moccasins made by over 40 artisans. The store also supports the local artisans by providing beading and regalia-making supplies to the Treaty 7 area. The Museum Gift Shop is a Nation-owned and operated store, proud to highlight the Tsuut’ina people as well as people from nations all over Turtle Island.

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