Indigenous Tourism Alberta (ITA) encourages and promotes authentic Indigenous tourism that showcases the unique and immersive experiences offered by its members throughout our four regions; North, Central and Southern Alberta as well as the Rockies. ITA’s goal is to enhance economic viability, further engage and support our Indigenous peoples, and nurture these partnerships throughout the province by sharing our stories, culture, and experiences with a global audience.

Any Indigenous person, Indigenous organization and Industry partner that has an interest in advancing Indigenous tourism in Alberta may apply to become an ITA Member.

Indigenous Tourism Alberta is proudly supported in partnership with the following organizations: Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada, Western Economic Diversification, Indigenous Services Canada, Government of Alberta, and Travel Alberta.

With its head office in Edmonton, Indigenous Tourism Alberta (ITA) strives for streamlined leadership in Indigenous tourism, creating a co-ordinated voice and a shared vision of goals under the leadership of a passionate and dedicated board of directors and staff.

Shae Bird

Chief Executive Officer
Shae is originally from the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, but is now proud to call Alberta home. Shae has an extensive background including multiple years working as the VP for Tundra North, an Indigenous tourism company, where he led both business development and marketing. In addition to his work with Tundra North, Shae has also sat on the board of directors for the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada as a proxy representing the Northwest Territories.
Shae has also helped Tourism Saskatoon with experience development and travel trade. After the successful completion of his contract there, he moved to Edmonton Tourism to work with their product development team, before accepting the new Executive Director role with ITA. Shae also does various tourism consulting work, which includes a past contract with ITA as a Project Manager.

Mackenzie Brown

Project Manager
Brown is a First Nations Cree Woman from the Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation and currently resides in Amiskwaciwaskahikan, Edmonton. Brown has a background as a performer, drummer, tourism entrepreneur, philanthropist and advocate for at-risk youth in the Edmonton area in addition to her past roles in Indigenous Tourism Development with both the Government of Alberta and Edmonton Tourism.
Brown is well known across Alberta for performing with her mom as “Warrior Women.” Together they drum and teach around Alberta for the Northern Alberta Teachers Conference, the annual Jasper Dark Skies Festival, Youth Dream Catchers Conference, Canada Day, Aboriginal Day festivities and more.
In addition to drumming, Brown is also an avid acrylic artist and traditional First Nations crafts artisan. Her art has been featured in the Pump House Gallery, the Edson Gallery Museum, the Gray Gallery Grant MacEwan, recognized for the Alberta Indian Arts and Crafts Award of 2017, featured for the Alberta Business Competition 2017 and sold to people travelling worldwide at Jasper Park Lodge.
Brown has also been awarded the 2019 Esquao Award for Children’s Future, the 2019 Indigenous Woman of the year award from the Alberta Assembly of First Nations and the Top 30 under 30 from the Alberta Corporation for Global Cooperation 2020.

Board of Directors

Indigenous Tourism Alberta would not be here today without the leadership of our Board of Directors. This founding board consist of key Indigenous tourism ambassadors throughout Alberta and continue to lead the direction of our organization today.

Brenda Holder

Tim W. Patterson
Vice Chair

Joe Urie

Dion Red Gun

Charmaine Willier-Larsen

John Ritchie