The following programs are open to ITA Members. If you are not yet a member, you may still apply alongside your membership application. Click here to apply for your ITA Membership.


ITA Entrepreneur Workshops are virtual or in-person training sessions designed to guide participants through the basics of getting started in the Indigenous tourism industry and help them identify the initial steps required to create an Indigenous tourism business. The workshop spans two 2.5-hour sessions and includes an Elder’s prayer, facilitated discussions, a panel session on business startup experiences, and hands-on learning through activities and participant interaction.

This program is suitable for ITA Members at the In-Development or Visitor-Ready market levels.

Dates for these workshops have not been set. If you are interested in taking part, email


The Good Relations Mentorship is designed for ITA Members seeking rapid advancement in market readiness, this program offers 1:1 mentorship and guidance from senior-level professionals with extensive expertise in both private and public sectors. Participants with specific short-term goals have the opportunity to interview and select a mentor who is a subject matter expert aligned with their objectives. Mentors can assist in various areas such as business development, marketing, finance, and tourism/hospitality, fostering a collaborative approach aimed at capacity building.

Open to all ITA Members, this program is particularly beneficial for those at a Visitor-Ready or Market- Ready level, as well as those in the In-Development stage with clear goals and objectives they aim to achieve. Participants must have the capacity to commit to 30 hours of time working with their mentor (1-3 hours per week over 3-6 months).

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis until October 7, 2024. Spots are limited and ITA Members are encouraged to apply sooner than later.


This program will look at Strengthening the Roots of your business, the operations, insurance, and business infrastructure. Within this program, participants engage in online coaching focused on the following topics:

  • Products & Experiences
  • Operations & Infrastructure
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Culture & Sustainability

This program is suitable for ITA Members who are working towards becoming Market-Ready or are looking to enhance their Market-Ready status. Participants must have the capacity to commit to bi-weekly (1 hour) coaching sessions for a minimum of 3 months, with additional time to complete program tasks and assignments.

Intake #1: Launches late-August, 2024, followed by 3 months of biweekly online coaching.
Intake #2: Launches mid-November 2024, followed by 3 months of biweekly online coaching.

The application deadline for intake #1 is 4 PM MT on August 19, 2024


Six Senses is an immersive, land-based program tailored to support Indigenous tourism businesses in enhancing or creating new visitor experiences, preparing them to welcome international guests. The program is broken down into three key phases:

  1. Experiential Journey: this program begins by taking participants on an immersive land-based experience where they get to learn by doing, organically internalizing knowledge that is grounded first and foremost in the natural world, playing with the senses, and focusing on our connections with one another and everything that surrounds us.
  2. Mentoring Journey: participants will be mentored by an experienced Indigenous Tourism Mentor to begin building (or enhancing) their experiences. Mentoring will include planning, capacity building, and troubleshooting any roadblocks before they can bring their idea to a tangible reality.
  3. Piloting Journey: participants will launch their newly born experiences and begin testing the waters. In this step, there will be continued support from ITA, their Mentor, and other participants for feedback, troubleshooting, and implementing new ideas.

This program is for ITA Members at the Market-Ready level, focused on enhancing their capacity to welcome international visitors. Participants must have the capacity to commit to bi-weekly (1 hour) sessions with their mentor for a minimum of 3 months, with additional time to complete program tasks and assignments.

Program launches in late September 2024 and runs for three months or until March 31, 2025. The Experiential Journey is tentatively scheduled for September 24-26, 2024 (location TBA).

The application deadline is 4 PM MT on August 19, 2024.