Indigenous Tourism Alberta (ITA) is the provincial destination marketing organization for Indigenous tourism in Alberta. Through innovative partnerships, ITA provides leadership in the development and marketing of authentic Indigenous tourism experiences. ITA’s goal is to create a thriving Indigenous tourism economy sharing authentic, memorable and enriching experiences.

ITA is a member-based organization providing support to Indigenous tourism businesses that are independently or community owned or controlled. Membership is renewable each year.

Any Indigenous person, Indigenous organization or ally that has an interest in advancing Indigenous tourism in Alberta may apply to become an ITA Member.

ITA also welcomes partnerships with non-Indigenous businesses or organizations. Please contact us at for information on ITA partnership opportunities such as program support, shared marketing efforts, or sponsorship of our annual Indigenous Tourism Summit.


The ITA Membership Program is designed to provide helpful and useful support that can help you build the success of your business through development & training, marketing and partnerships. Each membership category has specific benefits based on your level of readiness including benefits such as: access to research and studies, access to the ITA AGM, eligible for ITA training and capacity development programs, link on ITA website, eligible for ITA marketing programs and eligible to participate in media and travel trade programs.

ITA has established key partnerships to help ITA and its members grow and strengthen their tourism businesses. These partnerships are designed to support ITA members as they work to establish or improve their tourism product. ITA welcomes the important support and industry expertise offered to ITA members from Alberta’s Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism and Travel Alberta.

Membership application process

Please note that ITA Business Membership Fees are waived for the 2022-23 year (Industry Partner fees are in effect). You can apply online for your 2022-23 ITA membership (see online application links below) or you can download and print the application form (PDF).

Membership categories & fees

There are three categories of ITA membership. Please select the one that most closely matches your current level of business-readiness. Please note that the fees listed below will come into effect April 1, 2023.

In-Development Business (Non-Voting) – $49 (fee waived for 2022-’23)

  • Your tourism business does not have set operating hours and does not yet have the required licenses and certifications to legally operate OR;
  • You do not currently have an active tourism business; your business (or business idea) is in development.

Industry Partner (Non-Voting) – $199 (fee in place for 2022-’23)

  • You are in the Industry of Tourism and want to help support the growth of Indigenous Tourism

Visitor-Ready Business (Non-Voting) – $99 (fee waived for 2022-’23)

  • You have a tourism business with set operating hours and you have all the necessary licenses and certifications to legally operate;
  • You maintain a staffed and branded business location with a posted set schedule of operating hours and you follow those operating hours consistently;
  • You do not yet have promotional items such as an active website or brochures;
  • You are not yet set up to receive and respond to business inquiries within 24 hours;
  • You do not currently meet the market-ready criteria established by the tourism industry.

Market-Ready or Export-Ready Business (Voting) – $149 (fee waived for 2022-’23)

  • You currently meet a minimum of market-ready criteria established by the tourism industry;
  • You have a tourism business with set operating hours and you have all the necessary licenses and certifications to legally operate;
  • You have up-to-date promotional items such as a website or brochures;
  • You are able to respond to business inquiries (received by phone, email, website or social media) within 24 hours;
  • You provide visitors an option to pre-book an experience by phone, email or online.


For more information on ITA membership or for assistance with completing your membership application, please email us at