Indigenous Tourism Alberta Annual Report 2021-22

When we look back on 2021, despite it containing some of the darkest times of the global pandemic, the year will be remembered for the foundation built by Indigenous Tourism Alberta that will carry our organization, our members and our industry toward a successful future. 

Indigenous Tourism Labour Market Project

Indigenous Tourism Alberta (ITA) encourages and promotes authentic Indigenous tourism that showcases the unique and immersive experiences offered by its members. This work aims to enhance economic viability, further engage and support Alberta’s Indigenous peoples, and nurture these partnerships throughout the province by sharing stories, culture, and experiences with a global audience.

In 2019, Indigenous Tourism Alberta did a research study that identified staffing as the second most significant barrier to the success of Indigenous Tourism, second only to access to capital. There has never been an extensive labour market research study for the Indigenous Tourism Sector in Alberta. The impact of COVID-19, combined with the emergence of acute labour shortages as the economy reopened, has shown the need and importance of this study.

This project is funded by the Government of Alberta, and is a partnership of Indigenous Tourism Alberta, the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada, and Tourism HR Canada.

Get Involved in the Indigenous Tourism Labour Market Project

This project will make defensible recommendations for investments for human capital development such as education or training programs, mental health strategies, and personal or family care needs. It will identify the information needed for strategic planning by individual businesses, communities, or associations. Finally, the labour market research will inform future development of a province-wide planning and development strategy to strengthen and build Indigenous tourism; and local/regional strategies where Indigenous tourism development is identified as a high priority and feasible.

As we emerge from the worst of the pandemic, the demand for Indigenous Tourism will grow, and with it will come demand for a growing workforce. This first of its kind research study will inform decisions on the type of programs to develop, identify needed resources for coordination or oversight of labour market strategies, identify types of infrastructure that is lacking, and inform policy discussions.

As part of this project, we are tracking important labour and economic metrics that impact Alberta’s Indigenous Tourism Sector. To see the dashboard, click here. 

Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy

RECOVERY TO RESILIENCY—Together a Strategic Recovery Plan for the Indigenous Tourism Industry in Alberta 2020-24

Indigenous Tourism Alberta 2021-22 Action Plan

2021-22 Action Plan including key priorities, projects and programs.

Indigenous Tourism Alberta Holiday Gift Guide

Give the gift of experience this Holiday Season. From hospitality to entertainment to outdoor adventure and everything in between. Experience the joy of winter through Indigenous Tourism Alberta’s Experience Guide. Complete with a full list of Indigenous Tourism operators in Alberta, this Experience Guide is your ticket to seeing Alberta like you never have before.

Indigenous Tourism Alberta 2020 – 2021 COVID-19 Response Action Plan

Year two Action Plan including key priorities, projects and programs.

Indigenous Tourism Alberta – 2019 Alberta Demand Research

This research report is produced by Indigenous Tourism Alberta (ITA) to better understand the marketplace demand for Indigenous tourism in Alberta. With this research, ITA can more effectively target its programs and projects to reflect the demand based on numerous factors including socio-economic and geographic target groups, the travellers’ path to purchase, and opportunities to develop effective partnerships with the travel trade.

Indigenous Tourism Alberta – 2019 Alberta Indigenous Tourism Supplier/Provider Research

This research report is produced by Indigenous Tourism Alberta (ITA) to better understand the attributes of Indigenous tourism businesses in Alberta as well as their opportunities and challenges in order to allow more informed decisions for ITA in their future organizational strategic planning process.

Indigenous Tourism Alberta 2019 Experience Guide

Explore the authentic Indigenous experiences that Alberta has to offer.

Indigenous Tourism Alberta 2019 – 2020 Action Plan

Year one Action Plan including key priorities, projects and programs.

Indigenous Tourism Alberta 2019 – 2024 Strategy

We are proud to present the inaugural Indigenous Tourism Strategy for Alberta.

Indigenous Tourism Alberta 2018 By-Laws

Name & Purpose, Proceeding at Meetings, Directors & Officers, Committees & Task Forces and more.