Find rich Indigenous culture throughout Alberta’s diverse landscapes. Discover how Alberta’s First Nations, Métis and Inuit people maintain a unique balance of authentic traditional culture in today’s contemporary world. Whether it’s in a modern city, on the prairies or in the wild Rockies, across the central heartland or out in the North’s wilderness, come experience a powerful culture that thrives amid Alberta’s exhilarating landscapes.

Northern Alberta

Explore vast, wild and remote Northern Alberta and its gateway city of Edmonton.

Experience urban Indigenous culture in Edmonton, the provincial capital whose riverside setting has been a traditional meeting place for thousands of years.
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Central Alberta

Feel welcome amid the small towns and rural friendliness of wide-open Central Alberta.

Farms and ranchland, charming towns with historic main streets, and gentle wilderness with the Rockies foothills as a backdrop define this prairie landscape.
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Southern Alberta

Experience spectacular, diverse Southern Alberta and its urban epicentre of Calgary.

The traditional gathering place at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow River is now the contemporary hub of Calgary where Indigenous urban offerings include hotels, casinos, restaurants and galleries.
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The Rockies

Immerse yourself in the culture and rugged grandeur of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Rising dramatically from the prairie, the snow-capped Rockies have long been honoured by Indigenous people as “The Backbone of the World”, a spectacular and spiritual landscape of towering peaks, alpine meadows, turquoise lakes, waterfalls and abundant wildlife.
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