National Indigenous People’s Day video project

Gather (virtually) and create with us to celebrate National Indigenous People’s Day 2020, sharing Alberta’s Indigenous cultures with the world.

To bring Indigenous tourism experiences together from across the region, Indigenous Tourism Alberta is excited to collaborate with you to showcase how you celebrate your culture via the creation of a fun, informative video series.

We call on all Indigenous tourism members in Alberta to create a fun authentic video no longer than 2-4 minutes showcasing your culture, experience, place, knowledge or artisan work no later than June 17th. Video’s will be broadcast via Facebook and YouTube on June 21st in celebration of National Indigenous People’s Day 2020.

Capturing your story on video is easily done with your mobile device.

Here are some ideas to inspire your creativity in a truly authentic way:

  • Share a drum song
  • Take viewers foraging
  • Showcase your dance moves
  • Sing a song
  • Share food via a cooking lesson with Indigenous ingredients or recipe
  • Offer a lesson on powwow
  • Offer a virtual tour of your indoor or space in nature
  • Share your beading technique
  • Explain how to set a snare
  • Demonstrate a skill
  • Pass on a story

The possibilities are endless. What you choose to showcase in your video should be fun and informative, sharing your unique experience or place.

Tips to create your video for NIPD:

  • Be yourself. This is meant to share how YOU celebrate your culture.
  • Shoot horizontal (turn your phone to the side to film).
  • Begin your video by saying “My name is XXX” and include mention of your nation, place and name of company (if relevant).
  • Ensure you are in a well-lit area so the viewer can see your face (do not shoot with a window or bright lights behind you).
  • Send the finished video to ITA via with a link to download via Google Drive, Dropbox or similar no later than June 17, 2020.

Remember that these videos will be used to celebrate our resilient Indigenous culture on National Indigenous Peoples Day.

We will not accept videos with foul language or inappropriate content. ITA reserves the right to not publish content if video doesn’t meet minimum requirements. Please also ensure that what you share is approved by Knowledge Keepers and Elders in your community and is allowed to be shared. By submitting your video, you give ITA rights free access to share content for perpetuity.