Hideaway Adventure Grounds

Kikino, Alberta

Accommodation|Campgrounds & RV Parks

Embark on an untamed adventure at Hideaway Adventure Grounds, where sustainability and well-being are the foundation of their operation. Immerse yourself into the Indigenous camping experience, where modern conveniences like power, water, and wifi are left behind. Instead, embrace the allure of a starlit sky and the symphony of forest sounds. Accompanied by your personal guide, delve into the enchanting wilderness of the mixed aspen forest that blankets this property. Whether you seek a memorable family gathering or a tranquil night in the countryside, this cozy campground is the ideal setting. Engage in shelter building and various outdoor activities that await your participation. As you explore, immerse yourself in the warm hospitality of the Metis Community and uncover the captivating stories of the Metis People. Disconnect from the familiar and reconnect with yourself as you escape the demands of your everyday life. This is an opportunity to challenge yourself, pushing your limits to reach new heights. And now, introducing the luxurious Wall Tent Camping experience – a true indulgence. Equipped with heaters, comfortable beds, and set upon elevated deck platforms, these tents are nestled amidst the lush trees, ensuring a delightful atmosphere around your fire pit and picnic table. These tents hold a historical significance, reminiscent of the fur trade era when they served as homes for the Metis and settlers on their resource-seeking expeditions. So join them at Hideaway Adventure Grounds, where you can unleash your wildness, savor the beauty of nature, and create lasting memories in the embrace of tranquility.

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