Kodiak Herbal Metis Culture

Calgary, Alberta

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Kodiak Herbal Metis Culture is owned and operated by Metis Herbalist Kalyn Kodiak, a descendant of a Metis midwife & herbalist who settled in Alberta in the late 1800s. Through teachings from grandmother Marie, Kalyn facilitates immersive cultural experiences that showcase the beauty of Metis lifeways with an authentic, local & traditional vibe. Kodiak Herbal Cultural Experiences reveal the traditions of the Metis of Southern Alberta, with respect for cultural protocols under the guidance of a Metis herbalist & knowledge keeper. Unique Cultural Experiences:- Metis Herbalist Apothecary Tour & Medicine Making- Weave a Custom Metis Sash- Cook a Traditional Metis Feast- Wildcrafting Metis Rosary Bush for Jewelry & Medicine- Making Medicine, Food & Dyes with Elderberry- Wild Food & Medicines of the Foothills Plantwalk Kodiak Herbal invites you to experience the culture of the Metis people who make their home in the beauty of Alberta’s prairies & foothills. Book an experience in the cozy Calgary-based apothecary or a local outdoor space. Some Online & Distance Experiences are available for those who cannot travel.

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