From tradition to table: Here are MUST try’s of Indigenous cuisine

Little Chief Restaurant

Located next to the beautiful foothills of the Tsuut’ina Nation, Little Chief Restaurant offers family-friendly dining and an Indigenous-inspired seasonal menu. However, you would miss out if you didn’t try some of their signature drinks and food.

Romero Smoked Rum Old Fashioned

Indulge in the smoky allure of Little Chief Restaurant Old Fashioned. Aged rum, sweetness of Angostura bitters, and a hint of citrus, all with the aroma of oak smoke. It is a classic, bold, and sophisticated cocktail.
Local Romero Rum / Demerara Syrup / Angostura Bitters. Your Choice of: Classic, Cardamom or Xocolatl
Mole flavour.

Little Chief Mocktini

Vibrant tropical flavours with a summery finish. Perfect for any occasion, this drink offers all the glamour of a martini without the buzz!
Coconut Cream Syrup/ Grizzly Paw Ginger Beer / Lime Juice / Grenadine / Fresh Mint

Juniper Braised Boneless Short Rib

Come try fall off the bone beef infused with Juniper, an iconic plains Indigenous plant. A unique and memorable dish offered with all the fixings is sure to sate any appetite.

Beef Chuck Flats / Mashed Potatoes / Seasonal Vegetables / Potato Gaufrette / Juniper Jus

Saskatoon Berry Pop Tart w/Nutella Pot De Crème

No trip to the prairies is complete without tasting the native Saskatoon berry. Little Chief Restaurant takes this well-loved local fruit and offers it in Pop Tart form with delicious Nutella Pot De Crème.
Cocoa Pie Crust / Hazelnut Icing / Saskatoon Berry Jam / Nutella

Photo Credits: Little Chief Restaurant (@littlechiefyyc)

3779 Grey Eagle Drive, Tsuut’ina, AB –

Hawke Prohibition Distilleries

Indigenous and women owned, Hawke Prohibition Distilleries offers a line-up of 10 spirits and a hugely successful distillery and an exclusive Gin Lovers Club for limited release artisanal gin. They even have an extensive drink recipe section to elevate your new purchases to the next level.

Spice Rack Vodka

Infused with fresh ingredients like jalapeño and garlic, Spice Rack is made with gold medal-winning vodka and is perfect for making Caesars and other spicy cocktails.

Thick & Dirty Salted Caramel

Served on ice or with your coffee, this crème liqueur is a desert in a bottle.

Spice Rack Garlic Dill Pickle Vodka

Don’t knock it until you try it. This unique flavour vodka is the perfect vodka for a Bloody Mary or even

426 Kaska Road, Sherwood Park, AB –

Culina Family of Restaurants

Chief Brad Lazarenko brings Edmonton fresh ingredients and Indigenous inspiration to not just one, but three restaurants as part of the Culina Family of Restaurants. BiBO, a wine bar,=ng in the popular district of Whyte Avenue offers delicious wines, roasted espresso, and a unique fermented cocktail.

BiBO Fermented Cocktails

Nothing like sipping a cocktail on the weekend. BiBO Fermented Cocktails is made with locally produced Fermented Water Kefir Soda with your choice of spirits.

Indigenous Lunch Boxes

Want Indigenous inspired meals but you’re on the go? Culina To Go offers a variety of lunch boxes with premium ingredients such as Roast Bison Sausage w. Mustard Sauce, Roast Maple Glazed Salmon, and Lentil Fritters with tomato salsa. Each of these boxes are served with “Three Sisters” vegetables: maize, squash, and beans, representing the three main crops of North American tribes. Finish off your lunch with Métis bannock with saskatoon butter.

Oliver Exchange Building, 12019A 102 Ave, Edmonton –


Not just fry-bread! With their goal of increasing Indigenous representation in Edmonton’s food
scene, Bernadette’s brings world class indigenous food and ingredients to downtown Edmonton. Serving
a selection of high-end dinner food driven by seasonal ingredients from the local farmers market. Their
menu is still evolving, but make sure to check them out when they open in full this summer!