As you continue your journey through
the Six Senses Program and enter your
Mentoring stage, this Six Senses Guide
will build off the components you were
immersed in during the first part of the
program. This Guide will provide nourishing
concepts that will help you to keep
harvesting ideas and cultivate your vision for
your own experience. This Guide will bring
you learning bits to support your journey
through the Mentoring stage as you get
ready to work with an important resource: My Experience Maker


This tool allows you to use the valuable lessons gathered so far to
realize your vision, while ensuring that your experience is market
ready, so that you feel confident in welcoming visitors by the end
of the program.

Your Experience Maker will guide you through 6 Elements that
will help cultivate your idea by prompting insightful questions,
and providing action items, checklists, templates, and resources
for creating, planning, and fulfilling your visitor experience.

You will utilize the following resources as you work through the My Experience Maker workbook:


  • Propel Student Work Placement Program: Aimed squarely at the tourism and hospitality sector, the Propel Student Work Placement Program is helping the hardest-hit sector recover from the devastating impacts of the pandemic
  • 2019 Market Snapshots: The research covered 10 countries in Asia Pacific, Europe, India and North America and also includes a domestic market snapshot.