Wase Saba Experiences

Edmonton, Alberta

Guided Tours|Guided Operator

Lace up your dancing shoes and follow Sissy Thiessen to the Powwow Circle for a culturally immersive to learn more about Indigenous history, awareness, dance, storytelling, and much more! Sissy Thiessen is a Treaty 6 Nakota Sioux, Cree & German Indigenous cultural facilitator, Powwow dancer, crafter, beader, spoken word poet, and creative writer with family roots in Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation. Join Sissy as she celebrates her culture through this one-of-a-kind Indigenous Powwow Dance Experience in which guests can experience an authentic dance performance, Powwow education & stories of origin, handle real beadwork and partake in a group round dance! Book now to start your grand entry into the education of the art, ceremony & craft of Powwow.

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