Experience Indigenous Tourism in Alberta

Find rich Indigenous culture throughout Alberta’s diverse landscapes. Discover how
Alberta’s First Nations and Métis people maintain a unique balance of authentic
traditional culture in today’s contemporary world. Whether it’s in a modern city, on
the prairies or in the wild Rockies, across the central heartland, or out in the North
wilderness, come experience a powerful culture that thrives amid Alberta’s exhilarating
Take part in authentic and inspiring Indigenous activities throughout Alberta. Spend
the night in a tipi as Northern Lights swirl color across the prairie sky. Hear legends and
tales over tea and warm bannock around a campfire. Experience mystical heritage sites.
Feel the vibrant energy of traditional dance or the tranquility of canoeing amid ancient
forests. Snowshoe or horseback ride into the mountains to learn survival skills and spot
elk, moose, bears, and bighorn sheep.
Across Alberta, knowledgeable First Nations, Métis, and Inuit operators are keen to share
their culture through varied experiences from the rugged Rockies’ peaks and foothills
through the southern prairies that give way to the vast northern boreal forest.