Cultural Tourism Pathway Program

ITA is excited to announce the launch of our Indigenous Cultural Tourism Pathway intake. This grassroots training program for community tourism development is set to begin in August 2022. ITA is seeking Indigenous community members to create small, dedicated teams to set the direction for grassroots tourism development in their community; participants may include youth, Elders, entrepreneurs, artisans, community leaders, representatives from community organizations, and more.

As the first of its kind in Alberta, this innovative program will prepare participants to take immediate action in setting up cultural tourism in their communities. Through a blend of virtual training sessions and self-directed and interactive teamwork, participants will gain the knowledge and tools required to bring their community’s vision for tourism to life. 

If you are interested in this opportunity, we encourage you to express your interest by submitting a brief application at the following link, no later than July 10th:

If you have any questions about the program, please get in touch at

*Program supported by Western Diversification