Ignite your Fire! Indigenous Tourism Alberta Entrepreneur Start-up Workshop

Indigenous Tourism Alberta is hosting Entrepreneurship Workshop throughout the province. This training is a full day, no cost training aimed to help those who want to start an Indigenous tourism business or have just recently started an Indigenous tourism business. By the end of the session, ITA’s Entrepreneurship Workshop participants will be able to identify what is Indigenous Tourism and its economic and socio-economic impacts, create the starting plan for an Indigenous tourism business, and create the starting plan for an Indigenous tourism business.

Additionally, the workshop will guide participants through the fundamentals of business while supporting the unique role that culture plays in Indigenous Tourism. Indigenous Tourism offers the experiential traveller a cultural, spiritual and meaningful tourism experience that they cannot get anywhere else.  Arts, crafts, food, music, dance and cultural experiences bring the visitor closer to a proud and compelling culture.

Interested? email us at membership@indigenoustourismalberta.ca