ITA Development Matrix Tool

This matrix provides a means of capturing a business’ position on a scale measuring their capacity to attract guests and to a degree, their guest capacity.
Go through the matrix to learn what are the next steps or things you need to have in place to grow your business in the tourism industry! The matrix is broken up into key areas of business development and checkboxes that you need to have in place based on the level of business readiness.

It is important to recognize and acknowledge each business’ position on the scale; it is not intended as
a measurement of the business’ quality, nor is it necessarily intended to show an aspired-to business
Rather it is refective of the business’:
• capacity to host groups of certain sizes and frequencies
• ability to provide a level of service expected by various target markets
• and the incorporation of systems, policies, and practices that support these objectives

As an example, there are no expectations that an individual leading overnight canoe excursions must
strive to one day own a cruise ship. Each form of business serves a purpose, meets the expectations of
its guests, and should adopt policies and systems suitable to their needs.