Tourism Entrepreneur Accelerator Program

Firecircle is proud to have the support of Indigenous Tourism Alberta to deliver Firecircle’s Transition to Tourism Entrepreneurship Program to ITA’s members. The Transition to Tourism Entrepreneurship Program is provided by Firecircle in partnership with the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada and funded in part by the Government of Canada to deliver this exciting tourism entrepreneur accelerator program to Indigenous, rural and Northern communities and entrepreneurs.

Here’s what you’ll learn

Firecircle ignites tourism entrepreneurs everywhere. We help you bring your ideas to life through our easy-to-follow, five-step, 25-workshop program, with a series of animated online and live video workshops, step-by-step guidance, expert, sustained mentorship and online resources that will inspire you, build your knowledge, fan the flames of your business vision, provide you with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of business sustainability and give you the confidence to fulfill your potential.

Innovative, simple business planning in 5 easy steps

1. KINDLE: Kindle your tourism vision to maximize your opportunity.

2. IGNITE: Ignite your tourism brand story to differentiate and compete.

3. FIRE UP: Fire up your tourism operations to burn the brightest.

4. SPARK: Spark up your tourism design to outshine the competition.

5. BLAZE: Blaze your way to pricing, packaging, marketing & cash flow for true financial success

Over the course of the 5-step program, you are fully supported in your entrepreneur journey. Here’s what you’ll learn:

STEP ONE: Your Tourism Vision and the Opportunity. In Step One we explore your tourism idea, including your vision and motivations for starting your business. We will also explore what the real opportunity is for your business idea in the marketplace.

STEP TWO: Developing Your Tourism Brand Story. Step Two takes you through what it means to build your unique tourism brand. We coach you through 5 key steps to build your brand story in a way that will deeply connect with your customers.

STEP THREE: Designing Your Tourism Operations. Step Three is about designing your business operations – both in front of your guests and behind the scenes. We coach you on organizing your operations according to your vision and your brand story.

STEP FOUR: Designing Your Tourism Products and Services. In Step Four, we get creative with your physical design. Step Four guides you through the planning and presentation of your physical environment and services to work with your business operations.

STEP FIVE: Pricing, Packaging, Marketing and Cash Flow. Step Five is all about making money and organizing it! The Firecircle 5×5 Method™ ties together everything to complete your Sales, Marketing and Distribution Strategy and to understand your Cashflow.

Download a full overview of the program HERE.

What to expect when you sign up

Animated video workshops, live support and online resources…


We’re here to support your tourism and hospitality entrepreneurship journey every step of the way with. You will receive:

Firecircle 5×5 Method™ Online Program

A five-step online program with 24/7 access to 25-animated video workshops, worksheets and a workbook.

One-to-One Coaching and Group Support

  • Personalized vision session with a Firecircle Ignite Coach to spark your tourism and hospitality genius
  • Live weekly themed calls on Firecircle 5×5 concepts
  • Five additional custom workshops to support Indigenous entrepreneurs
  • Group and individual coaching – life and entrepreneurial mindset skills
  • Group and individual business mentorship with both Indigenous and non-indigenous subject matter experts in tourism and hospitality development  
  • Design, operations, branding, marketing and financial management mentorship
  • Local community facilitator

Online Resources 

  • Business mapping template
  • Chat support
  • Full online resource library
  • Firecircle community forum for networking, learning and sharing of expertise

What are the benefits?

  • A clear understanding of yourself, your business and a plan for success
  • Personalized coaching and mentorship
  • 24/7 access on any device to the Firecircle video lessons and online resources
  • Confidence, independence, pride and change
  • A path to transformation – the support to pivot or re-start your business post-pandemic
  • Opportunities for self employment while strengthening local economies and communities
  • Entrepreneurial skills and knowledge within branding and marketing, operations, finance, physical design
  • Access to a community and network of business leaders and entrepreneurs to continue learning from
  • Competitions, rewards and prizes, and more!
  • Affiliate opportunity (future potential to become a Firecircle mentor in your community and earn $

What to expect after completion?

Accreditation: Earn a certificate of completion in the Firecircle 5×5 Method™ Tourism Entrepreneur Program. It’s one of the most comprehensive and applicable tourism business education opportunities available outside of post-secondary education.

Click HERE for more details on the program.

Registration for the Firecircle 5×5 Method™ Tourism Entrepreneur Accelerator Program is now open